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The GamblerAdvisors Complaint Service (GACS) is an independent online mediation service, available to registered GamblerAdvisors members wishing to file a complaint against an online casino that is listed and reviewed on our website. GACS is 100% free for both players and operators, and is not sponsored by any gambling operator.

To ensure complaints are handled as quickly as possible, please read the following guidelines and rules carefully before submitting your complaint.

General Guidelines:

Supporting Information And Evidence

For a complaint to be accepted and processed, it must be accompanied by sufficient information and evidence. Try to include:

  • Screenshots
  • Copies of emails
  • Chat transcripts
  • Gaming logs
  • Other concrete evidence that backs up what you are saying

It is important to remember that submitting false information, or faking ‘proof’, is fraud, will result in an immediate ban from GamblerAdvisors, and could even possibly lead to legal action from the accused operator. When attaching files as evidence, you must either ensure your attachments are private, or censor sensitive information. If you mark attachments as private during the submission process, only you, the GACS team, and the representative from the appropriate casino will be able to view them. If you don’t then they may be publicly visible.

Keep It Civil And Polite

Please do not use foul language or insults in complaints. There is no need for it – whatever has happened it was not the representative who will be dealing with the complaint’s fault, and you have a much better chance of success if you are civil. Any behaviour that is considered offensive, abusive or vulgar could lead to immediate suspension of your GamblerAdvisors account, and definitely won’t lead to a successful complaint resolution. Basically, be nice.

Formatting And Clarity

As with any online or written communication, it is important you write clearly and use basic grammar and formatting rules. We appreciate English may not be your first language, and no one is saying you have to be a professional author, but if it is clear and legible it will increase your chance of success and make life easier for everyone. Don’t write in all caps either – there’s no need to shout.

Which Operators We Can Help With

You can only file a complaint through the GACS for operators that are on our list. If you can’t find the operator on our list they either haven’t been reviewed yet, or have been removed. Resolving issues takes trust on both sides, so there is little point in use attempting to expand the system to operators with whom we have no relationship.

Violation Of Terms And Conditions Regarding Bonuses Or Promotions

We appreciate that, from time to time, the terms and conditions relating to bonuses or promotional offers may seem unfair, or you may have missed something before accepting them. Unfortunately, if this is the case, we still have to respect the terms and conditions. Of course, if an operator is refusing to honour their own terms, then we will be happy to help.

If you do have concerns regarding the fairness of a casino or betting operator, or the fairness of the terms and conditions of a particular bonus or promotional offer, then you should contact the relevant regulatory authority (for example, the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission, Swedish Gambling Authority etc).

False Or Unjustified Accusations

We make every attempt to be balanced and maintain good relationships with our player community and operators. To do this we have to be fair to both. We will not tolerate false or unjustified accusations. Please ensure you have sufficient evidence to back up your claims before making accusations.

Duplicate Or Multiple Complaints Regarding The Same Issue

In the interests of being able to run an effective service, we must insist that users file a maximum of one complaint per issue. Multiple complaints, relating to the same issue, will be rejected. However, if an existing complaint has been closed, but you have since acquired new evidence that supports your original position, you are welcome to contact our support team at XXXXXXXXXX and explain the situation.

If the case is still open, and you want to add something, you can use the reply link provided in the notification emails sent by GACS. In cases where a complaint is rejected, you will be provided with recommendations or requests in the initial rejection message.

Not An Online Casino Complaint

We understand that many operators offer multiple types of gambling on the same site, for example, casino, bingo, scratch cards, poker, sports betting, esports betting, virtual sports betting, etc. However, at the current time GACS only offers services for complaints in the casino vertical. Please note, we cannot help with disputes relating to affiliate programs.

Unclear Or Ambiguous Demands

For a successful resolution of a complaint, it is important to clearly and concisely say exactly what happened and you want the casino operator to do, why you think you are justified, and as stated previously, provide evidence to back it up. If the operator can’t figure out quite what you are arguing, or what you want, they won’t be able to do anything about it.

Should You File A Complaint Or Write A Review?

It is important to only use the GACS for specific complaints, not general reviews about your experience at a casino. If you simply want to share an honest experience at a casino, even if it is negative, you should write a review.

Pending Investigations

We know it can be frustrating to wait, but please have patience for the casino team to finish their investigation before you submit a complaint. We know, from working on the front line, that sometimes things can get extremely busy at online casinos, and some investigations can be surprisingly complicated and time consuming.

Keep It Real

Just as there are some bad operators out there, there’s also a minority of shady players, who think it’s cool to try and screw over casinos. Some even try blackmail and serious fraud. Simply put, this is criminal and hurts everyone – both players and casinos. It won’t be tolerated, and any use of GACS in bad faith will result in a permanent ban on using any GamblerAdvisors service.

Refrain From Playing Off Your Balance While Waiting

Please be aware that you will need to refrain from playing until any relevant verification procedures and/or processing is completed, even if that takes longer than originally specified by the operator. If you do play, and lose your balance, you will lose any future claim, and your case will be rejected. We understand this can be frustrating, but again, it is necessary in order to make the system work effectively. As previously stated, if you disagree with our decision, we would advise you to contact the relevant regulatory authority – as only they have the power to commence a deeper investigation and legally order any subsequent action.

What To Expect

At GamblerAdvisors, we aim to review new complaints within 96 hours. Though it is usually quicker, sometimes we do get swamped and it can take longer. Basically, if you’ve submitted it, we promise we will get to it, and apologise in advance if there is a delay.

Turn-based Service; Be Patient And Adhere To The System

Please keep in mind that, in order to keep things fair and transparent, GACS is a turn-based service. Because each party has 96 hours to respond, this can make the process lengthy, but it’s the only way to keep it fair. Remember, you as a complainant, are also expected to respond within 96 hours. However, we do appreciate there may be times when, for reasons beyond your control, this is not possible. In such cases please do not submit a new complaint, but rather contact our support team.

To help keep the process working smoothly, and avoid confusion and delays, please update cases immediately. You can do this by posting a new message or contacting us. At the end of the day, we will do our best to help you, but please appreciate that we can only do so if you cooperate. Sometimes we may ask for more information or proof, or you may be required to wait. While we totally understand this can be frustrating, please remember we are trying to help you, for free.

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